The Elvish Website is Officially Live!

After being “in construction” for ages, the Elvish website is now officially live. It is (still) not complete yet, but in the spirit of “release early”, here it is :)

This website will be the entry point of all Elvish information. It will host documents (including both learning materials and references), as well as release notes or other announcements. The GitHub repository continues to host code and issues, of course.

The website has no comment facilities: commenting is outsourced to Hacker News and r/elv.

The homepage introduces each section, and highlights some key features of Elvish with “ttyshots”. Please start there to explore this website!

Technical Stack

The website is built with a static website generator from a bunch of MarkDown, configuration files and messy scripts, and hosted on a DigitalOcean server with nginx.

Thanks to Cloudflare, this website has a good chance of withstanding kisses of death from Hacker News, should there be any. It uses Cloudflare’s “strict” SSL configuration, meaning that both traffic from you to Cloudflare and Cloudflare to the origin server are fully encrypted with verified certificates. The origin server obtains and renews its certificate from the wonderful Let’s Encrypt service.