If your OS/CPU combination is missing or grayed out, you may still be able to build Elvish from source.


0.20.1 is the latest release. Suitable if you prefer to only update occasionally or need a stable scripting environment.

HEAD is the latest development build. It has the freshest features and is stable enough for interactive use.

Customize the script
Install to
Choose “don’t use” if you are running as root or installing to a directory you can write to. No effect on Windows.
The TUNA mirror site is hosted in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Run the following in a terminal to install Elvish (copy to clipboard):

Alternative, click the link above to download the archive and unpack it in directory in PATH.

More topics about installing Elvish:

Enable JavaScript to generate an installation script for your platform.

Alternatively, find your binary for your platform in the all binaries page and unpack it manually.