platform: Information about the platform

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The platform: module provides access to the platform’s identifying data.



The architecture of the platform; e.g. amd64, arm, ppc. This corresponds to Go’s GOARCH constant. This is read-only.


Whether or not the platform is Unix-like. This includes Linux, macOS (Darwin), FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. This can be used to decide, for example, if the unix module is usable. This is read-only.


Whether or not the platform is Microsoft Windows. This is read-only.


The name of the operating system; e.g. darwin (macOS), linux, etc. This corresponds to Go’s GOOS constant. This is read-only.



platform:hostname &strip-domain=$false

Outputs the hostname of the system. If the option &strip-domain is $true, strips the part after the first dot.

This function throws an exception if it cannot determine the hostname. It is implemented using Go’s os.Hostname.


~> platform:hostname
~> platform:hostname &strip-domain=$true
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